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Tourism of Stars in La Palma

On the island of La Palma you can enjoy an unforgettable experience watching a wonderful night sky filled with thousands of stars. Its geographical location, where the trade winds provide excellent conditions of atmospheric stability, and Heaven Protection Act, which since 1988 has ensured regular proper urban lighting and reduce light pollution, make the island Bonita is one of the premier global company in the field of astronomy. At its summit you will find the European Northern Observatory established a complex network of telescopes, both day and night. If you want to have the opportunity to enter their facilities, we recommend you visit the page of the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias and get informed of the days of open days. If for some reason you do not believe in those days around here do not worry about it during the day you have the option to photograph the complex from the fantastic Mirador del Roque de Los Muchachos located at no more and no less than 2,426 meters!

But if you really want is to feel the astronomy as ever, and enjoy the unforgettable memory on the island will also find:

· Observation of night sky Cottages. Among the many houses you'll find the island you will find some that have wonderful conditions for enjoying the stars from your own terrace due to its location, away from the nuclei.
· Incredible viewpoints. The island currently has an extensive network of natural lookout where you can enjoy beautiful sunrises, sunsets, landscapes illuminated by the moon and a sky covered by a carpet of stars like diamonds are treated.
· Trails, Astronomy and tradition. On the summit of La Palma there is a path where we find archaeological remains of the ancient inhabitants, the Awara, and show us how important it was for its culture, the Sun and the Moon.
· Observation of the Sun The Sun is often only associate to the beaches in La Palma there is an opportunity, using specialized telescopes fitted with special filters, to enjoy our star in a different way. Discover the details that has its surface, such as bumps and sunspots, help us understand a little better their life cycle.
· Observation of the stars. The night sky of La Palma is an amazing place to get lost. Guided by someone who knows his ways discover where the Pole Star, the major constellations, planets and more distant objects in our Solar System such as nebulae, and beyond, millions of galaxies.
· Photographs. For many amateur photographers, La Palma is a paradise for memory cards fill the scenes with beautiful images of nature. But if they do not have enough, you now have the opportunity to continue shooting pictures even at night where the stars are the stars of your great compositions.

As you can see La Palma hides a multitude of sensations which can hardly be described in words. So I invite you to come you will be excited to discover it for yourself. What are you waiting to come?




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